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What can I do with a degree from Parkland?
You can transfer to a four-year college or university, or go straight to a job in the career field of your choice. According to a recent survey, 85 percent of Parkland transfer program students plan to continue their education; in our career programs, 84 percent of students reported that they were employed following graduation.

How many students will be in my classes?
On average, there is 1 to 20 faculty-student ratio; this allows for lots of student and faculty interaction. Large lecture classes are noted in the Parkland Class Schedule each semester, so you’ll know in advance.

Is there a parking fee?
Parking is free at Parkland; no I.D. sticker is needed. Accessible parking close to the buildings is available. Illegal parking is not permitted, however; violators are subject to tickets and/or towing.

Does Parkland provide adequate security?
Yes, a trained police staff with law enforcement power operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Public Safety is in room A160. For emergencies dial 911 from in-house telephones or 351-2369 from off-campus locations.

Parkland’s Public Safety sworn officers are certified emergency medical technicians who can respond to most campus situations within about one minute. Students and employees who sign up for our free Emergency Notification System receive campus alerts during a severe emergency via cell phone and other media. Click here to sign up for emergency alerts.

Can I work on campus?
Many offices on campus employ student workers; in fact, many offices couldn’t survive without them! To find out which offices are currently hiring, contact the Career Center in room U238 or visit www.parkland.edu/careercenter and click Student Employment.

Who takes classes at Parkland?
Ethnic minorities make up 29 percent of our student population, and 4 percent are international students. Fifty-three percent of our students are women. The average age of all students is 26.8; 60 percent of our students are between the ages of 17 and 24; and 36 percent are in the 25-55 age range.

Where will I live?
Parkland students can select from a variety of housing options. The Office of Student Life can provide some housing information. For off-campus housing information, visit Student Life's Housing Options web page or visit the Student Life office, U111.

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